G3+ Quicklook - rød

Artikkelnr.: 10-084

G3+ Quicklook er en hendig og praktisk førstehjelpsekk med plass til de fleste AED's på markedet. Sekken har et stort hovedrom med tre uttagbare utstyrslommer og det er to store sidelommer.

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G3+ Quicklook - rød

G3+ Quicklook er en hendig og praktisk førstehjelpsekk med plass til de fleste AED's på markedet.

Sekken har en frontlomme som kan utvides, slik at de fleste AED's passer i lommen. Hovedrommet åpnes fra ryggsiden av sekken, og her finner du tre uttagbare utstyrslommer med plass til det viktigste utstyret for livreddende førstehjelp. Sidelommene kan åpnes fra både front-/bakside, uansett om sekken ligger med ryggsiden ned eller fronten. Sekken leveres med eget regntrekk i lomme på undersiden. Den nye versjonen har en glattere og blankere overflate og en forsterket base/bunn, noe som reduserer slitasjen på sekken.


  • Volum: 30 liter
  • Størrelse: 51 x 31 x 18 cm
  • Vekt: ca. 1900 gram.

G3+ Quicklook - en meget praktisk førstehjelpssekk!


Vi klipper litt fra produsentens hjemmeside;

G3+ Quicklook Construction

The single-buckle EMS AED pocket offers quick access to the Defibrillator.

You have quick zip access to the main compartment through the back panel, maintaining access to contents and the AED.

The clear durable mesh window on the AED pocket allows quick view of the AED status.

The main compartment features three removable stick-in-place pouches that give visibility and organization to contents.

The durable tarpaulin bottom panel protects your AED backpack from abrasion and the elements.

The foam lining keeps all Emergency Medical Equipment inside protected from breakage or the elements.

Internal Velcro lining strips are provided to secure modules or other Velcro compatible items.

A stowaway rain fly is included for bad weather.

Innovative G3+ Enhancements for Our AED Backpacks

The G3+ Quicklook incorporates our latest G3+ features:

  • Cutting-Edge Fabric Innovation:Cutting-Edge Fabric Innovation: Our upgraded material heightens the robustness of our AED backpacks, enhancing their resistance to abrasion and water. Moreover, it imparts a remarkable high-gloss shine that bolsters visibility during both day and night operations, ensuring your presence is unmistakable at the scene.
  • Revolutionary Transparent “Mono-Mesh” Compartments: We present transparent sections featuring our exclusive “Mono-Mesh” technology. This innovation streamlines maintenance, amplifies durability, and eliminates the need for constant attention. The transparent design also accelerates equipment access, facilitating swift item identification.
  • Strengthened “Stand-Strong” Base: The fortified base panel incorporates “Stand-Strong” engineering, enabling the backpack to remain upright effortlessly on any surface. This ensures easy access, even during high-stress scenarios.

Cutting-Edge Material Employed in Our AED Backpacks

Our AED backpacks are meticulously fashioned using an advanced high-performance elastomer. This exceptional material seamlessly blends a multitude of mechanical, physical, and chemical attributes to cater to the most rigorous end-use requirements.

These attributes encompass:

  • Unmatched Tensile Strength: Surpassing conventional elastomers in tear resistance, our material ensures the backpack’s resilience in even the most demanding environments. You can rest assured, knowing your bag won’t tear.
  • Exceptional Durability: With durability exceeding that of standard rubber by over three times, this material withstands severe physical stressors such as scratches, friction, and corrosive agents.
  • Superb Flexibility: Even in freezing temperatures, our material maintains dynamic flexibility, ensuring resilience against external pressures.
  • Powerful Microbiological Defense: Engineered to endure constant exposure to bodily fluids, our material exhibits exceptional resistance against microbiological threats – a crucial aspect for AED backpacks.
  • Endurance Against Heat and Weather Extremes: Unlike conventional elastomers susceptible to UV rays and heat-induced degradation, our material excels across temperature ranges, delivering unparalleled safeguarding even in challenging climates.
  • Chemical and Oil Resilience: Our material remains impervious to chemical interactions, ensuring oil contamination poses no threat.
  • Unrivaled Biocompatibility: Demonstrating remarkable biocompatibility, our material finds extensive use in medical, sanitary, sports, and protective devices.

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